About This Blog

The3NR.com is a blog about high school debate. It is written and edited by Bill Batterman.


The site began on May 7, 2009 as a collaboration between Scott Phillips, Roy Levkovitz, and Bill Batterman. Until late 2011, the site was regularly updated with new content including two seasons of a popular podcast. In early 2012, a malware attack left the site badly damaged and it was mostly abandoned. A new host was secured in early 2013 and most of the site’s content was finally restored. Scott has since moved on to a new project with the University of Michigan — HS Impact — and Roy has left debate. In August 2014, Bill decided to reboot The 3NR.

About The Author

Bill Batterman is the Associate Director of Debate at Woodward Academy in Atlanta. He is a past recipient of the Wisconsin Debate Coaches’ Association Coach of the Year Award, the St. Mark’s School of Texas Acolyte Award, the National Debate Coaches Association Service Award, and the National Debate Coaches Association Educator of the Year Award. He has previously served as President of the WDCA, Secretary of the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association, a Member of the Tournament of Champions Advisory Committee, and a Board Member of the NDCA. During the summer, he teaches at Michigan State University’s Spartan Debate Institutes.