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Demo Debates

Here are some demo debates I partook in at the Emory debate camp, turnabout being fair play feel free to unload the criticism in the comments/post mocking RFDs.

There are 2 more that may be eventually uploaded to the wiki.


Substance Debate- Phillips/Turner vs Berthiaume/Herndon

K Debate- Phillips vs Turner 


Herndon/Phillips vs Cambre/Gordon 


Student Challenge Debate Herndon/Phillips vs Lab champions 





Expert Topic Lecture from Georgetown Debate Seminar

Wish you could hear a topic lecture from experts in the field of space policy? Thanks to the Georgetown Debate Seminar, your wish has come true. In addition to a traditional topic lecture from one of its debate instructors, the students and teachers at the Seminar were also provided with the opportunity to enjoy a a lengthy lecture and discussion with Charlie Chafer and Alan Ladwig, two men whose careers have been spent on the cutting edge of U.S. space policy.

Chafer, a former high school debater from Oklahoma and a championship debater at Georgetown University, is one of the world’s leading space entrepreneurs. He has frequently testified before Congress and has received many awards for his contributions to the advancement of space scholarship and commercial space leadership. Ladwig is a senior administrator at NASA appointed by President Obama who boasts a decorated career in both the public and private sectors. Together, Chafer and Ludwig have many decades of experience dealing with the issues that students will confront during the upcoming season.

Over the course of the lecture and discussion, both experts provide a wealth of information to help students prepare to debate space. More importantly, they present students with a passionate case for the importance of space policy to their lives and to the future of the planet.

To view the lecture, please head over to Debate Vision. It is also embedded below the fold.

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SDI Faculty Demonstration Debate and Discussion

The Spartan Debate Institute at Michigan State University held its annual Faculty Demonstration Debate this week in East Lansing. With all four- and five-week students in attendance, the debate featured a showdown between faculty members with a combined five appearances in the semifinals of the National Debate Tournament:

  • Kevin Kallmyer, University of Mary Washington ‘10 — 2010 NDT Semifinalist
  • Gabe Murillo, Wayne State University ‘07 — 2006 and 2007 NDT Semifinalist, 2007 NDT Top Speaker
  • Greta Stahl, Michigan State University ‘04 — 2004 NDT Champion, 2002 NDT Semifinalist
  • Carly Wunderlich, Michigan State University ‘10 — 2010 NDT Champion

Kevin and Carly represented the affirmative and argued that the United States should withdraw its combat forces from Afghanistan in order to maintain hegemony and stabilize both Pakistan and Central Asia. Greta and Gabe countered with several arguments but eventually settled in their final rebuttal on a Midterms disadvantage and takeouts to the affirmative case.

The debate was moderated by Will Repko, the coach of the 2010 National Debate Tournament Champions. Repko has now coached three NDT Champions in the last seven years and is widely regarded as one of the nation’s best debate educators—he uses the demonstration debate to discuss a wide range of strategic and tactical issues with the audience.

The video of the debate is divided into two parts and is available below the fold.

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Summer Institute Lecture List Updated

The list of freely available lectures from this year’s summer debate institutes has been updated this morning. Lectures from the Dartmouth Debate Workshop and Dartmouth Debate Institute are now being posted as an iTunes podcast and the first four episodes have been included in our list. Lectures from the Spartan Debate Institute will be added soon. If anyone notices missing lectures, please post a comment.

Freely Available Summer Institute Lecture List Updated

The list of freely available lectures from this year’s summer debate institutes has been updated this morning and now includes 49 lectures from four institutes. It would take almost three full days to watch all of these videos. Students and coaches should give a big “thank you!” to Cal, Emory, Georgetown, and Texas for sharing these lectures freely. If any other institutes are sharing their lecture videos online, please post a note in the comments and we will add them to the master list.

Freely Available Lectures From This Year's Summer Institutes

Several summer institutes are making some or all of their lectures available freely to everyone via their websites or wikis. These videos provide all students—even those not attending a camp—with an incredible resource to help them prepare for this year’s topic. Below the fold, I have aggregated links to all of the lectures that have been made available (to the best of my knowledge). If I missed something, please post a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

This list was last updated on July 28, 2010.

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