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The 3NR Podcast Archives Now Available

It has been almost nine-and-a-half years since the debut of The 3NR Podcast and more than seven years since the last episode was posted. Unfortunately, the podcast recordings have been unavailable since the site was hacked in early 2012, and many readers have reached out during that time to ask about acquiring them. I am happy to finally announce that they are once again available for download.

While some of the content is unlikely to be relevant to contemporary debates/debaters (and the audio quality varies from pretty good to almost unlistenably bad), there is still a lot of useful material in these episodes. The 2010 NDCA episode with Will Repko and Jonathan Paul holds up well, for example. If nothing else, The 3NR Podcast provides an accurate summary of the state of high school policy debate from 2009 to 2011 and its major controversies during that time period.

To download the archived podcast episodes, visit For descriptions of each episode, visit; I have updated the download links in each post. You can also use the Wayback Machine to access better episode-by-episode descriptions (including the list of participants on each episode).