Welcome to The3NR.com

This site is a collaboration between three debate coaches whose goal is to make a positive contribution to the high school debate community’s marketplace of ideas. As should be expected given our positions, all three of us are extremely opinionated and unafraid to share our perspectives about debate pedagogy and praxis with students and colleagues.

With three contributing authors, it is our hope that this blog will be frequently updated with content that high school debaters, judges, and coaches will find equal parts interesting and thought-provoking. In particular, we hope to spark discussions and debates about a wide range of issues of import to the high school debate community.

We do not always agree with one another; it is our hope that this will make The3NR.com a flashpoint for stimulating back-and-forths about debate that readers will find engaging. We welcome contributions from others, both in the form of comments and guest article submissions.

There are very few places on the internet where interested individuals can discuss the theory and praxis of high school policy debate: we hope that The3NR.com can fill this void and become a staple of every debater and coach’s web surfing routine.

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