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Site Moved To New Host

We have completed moving the site to a new hosting provider. There will be many bugs until all the kinks are worked out, but our existing content should now once again be available. We have also restored our results archive. The podcast and other content will be restored as soon as possible. The new setup should give us a fresh start and make it possible for us to publish new content. Please bear with us as we complete the transition.

Last Word Update


By popular request I am moving back the deadlines/timetable for the next issue of the last word. So the new timeline looks like this


Article Due Date- Friday Sept 9th- this is the last day submissions can be turned in.

Target Publication Date- Friday Sept 30th.

If you are thinking about submitting something, check below the fold for requested topics.


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2011 Disclosure Award

There hasn’t been the lead in discussion of the disclosure award this year that there was last year, which to me is ironic because I believe the graduating class last year did a much more thorough job of updating their wikis than several schools this year. Part of that may be that I found this year’s wiki to be more cluttered/disorganized than last years which was more bare bones imo.

So this year for the disclosure award I will be throwing in a twist. This year the award will go to a team who shows not only that they were committed to disclosure by putting up their arguments but also to the team who best comes up with a way to organize their wiki to make it easy to use.

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The 3NR Announces New High School Policy Debate Results Archive

To help preserve debate’s institutional memory, The 3NR has begun curating an archive of results from (mostly “national circuit”) high school policy debate tournaments. While we are still in the process of organizing and uploading all of the results that we have compiled over the years (including an extensive collection from Tim Alderete), we wanted to let our readers know about this new resource now. Our goal is to provide as many results packets and elimination round results as possible from previous seasons. With due credit to Phil Kerpen’s old High School Debate Archive site, the archive is extremely bare-bones and simple to navigate. If you have results packets to contribute, please email Bill Batterman.