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DropBox Help Requested

I’m nearing my DropBox space limit but don’t really need the 50GB available through a paid upgrade, so it would be fantastic if a few of you would sign-up for an account through my referral link. It only takes a minute and I would greatly appreciate it. (Thanks to Scott for the suggestion to do this).

Countdown To The TOC (and free word PIC answers)

Most teams will be traveling to the Tournament of Champions tomorrow and the writers of The 3NR are no exception. While our primary responsibilities this weekend will involve coaching the team from Woodward Academy, we will be doing our best to provide live coverage of the TOC for those following along at home. Our coverage will start tomorrow night, so stay tuned throughout the weekend.

As a special gift to our readers, a few excellent cards that can be used to answer word PICs (and “bad word” critiques) are posted below the fold. You’ll have to tag and underline them yourselves, but I just cut them today from a hard-to-find book and thought that others would appreciate having this evidence in their arsenals at the TOC. Enjoy—and safe travels to Lexington!

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Changing The Federal Poverty Measure: A Viable New Affirmative at the TOC?

One of the affirmatives that was produced during the summer at both the Baylor and Northwestern institutes advocated a change in the Federal Poverty Measure in order to provide more needy individuals with access to means-tested social services. To the best of my knowledge, however, no teams have consistently read this affirmative during the season—at least not on the national circuit. Will this be a popular new case at this weekend’s Tournament of Champions? A few thoughts about the viability of this affirmative are below the fold.

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Good Economics Journal (and free response to "free market good" arguments)

Even as the season is entering its final few months (and for many, final few weeks), it is still possible to uncover excellent sources of evidence. While doing some TOC research, I came across a journal called Challenge: A Magazine of Economic Affairs that contains many very useful articles about this year’s topic. You’ll need access to MetaPress, but most university libraries seem to have subscriptions. If nothing else, it is a good source to add to your list of economics and public policy journals to check out every few months.

Below the fold is a free card from a recent issue of Challenge from noted communitarian Amitai Etzioni that provides a clear, persuasive response to the thesis of many “free market good” arguments.

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NDCA Wiki Page For Teams Competing At 2010 TOC

I created a new page on the NDCA Wiki that lists all of the teams competing in the 2010 Tournament of Champions. In order for this to work, each team’s page must include the appropriate category tag; be careful when editing that you do not accidentally remove it (“Category:Tournament of Champions 2010”).

Several of the teams that are attending the TOC have sparse (to put it politely) wiki pages. If you will be competing in Lexington next weekend, now is a good time to make sure that your page is up-to-date and comprehensive. Even if you are not in the running for the The 3NR Spirit of Disclosure Award, maintaining an up-to-date wiki page is an important component of good debate citizenship.

Goodish Aff article

I say goodish because I am sure that some will claim many of its points “b the q”, but this article has a lot of points that could be useful aff vs the K at the TOC and next year, esp if you adopt the “jason peterson 2AC” approach.


(hat tip- Brad Hall)

NDCA Finals

Kinkaid vs. Bronx

Kinkaid (neg) defeated McDonogh on a 3-0 (T—health care); Bronx (neg) defeated GBS on a 2-1 (States/Politics/Case, Roy Levkovitz and Cody Forrester agreed, Alex Lamballe dissented). I’m at the airport but I assume this debate is well underway. Someone please post a comment with the decision!