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IR K Basic Reading List

I got a few requests to put together a list of books someone should read if they have no K background and wanted to start working on an IR K for next year’s topic. I figured I would churn out a basic one in case anyone wanted it for the TOC as well, and will do a more in depth update later. One key part of this list is that I am assuming the person using it has very little if any K background. So while Jim George and David Campbell may be the mainstays of a top level college K of realism, for a beginner diving in there would be a little rough. The books are ranked in order of where to start as well.

Two last things- these books will give you more cites than you could ever track down. But also, there is diversity here. I think reading these books is better than just checking out 20 realism books because when you are done you will have a complete argument- i.e. there will not be an affirmative response you don’t have cards on/won’t be ready for. So while you could easily get in a lot more depth by reading a lot of books in one subset (or journal articles), for most debates it won’t be necessary.

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Picking the Best Card- Politics Uniqueness

One topic that I have been involved in a lot of debates about is what makes the best politics uniqueness card. Is it better to dominantly control uniqueness with a “lost will pass with 97 votes in the senate” card, to have a more brinkish card “Lost will pass with 1 vote to spare now” or to have a speculative card ” there is a 75% chance that lost will pass” that eschews vote counts all together? This is by no means an exhaustive list of the kind of cards you could have, and each one has certain merits in regard to link uniqueness, degree of link etc.

Below I have taken some uniqueness cards from the NDT on the financial reform disad read by various squads. Some of them fall into the above categories. Think about what the reasons are one card would help you in the 2NC more than others, one reason few people consider being “what if I need to kick this disad”. Dates should be given marginal if any importance due to the length of the tournament.

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Breaking Prelim Side Constraints at the Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas tournament at St. Marks is considering implementing my break side constraint idea so that undefeated teams going into the last prelim would be forced to debate each other instead of getting a pull up. TM wanted to get a feel of if anyone was extremely opposed to this, so if you see a problem/have a complaint please post in the comments.
For those unfamiliar with this Einstein level idea I had in the last podcast, basically if two teams were 5-0 going into round 5 but were both due neg, instead of both getting pull ups they would debate each other. Mahoney has added that the debate would be flip for sides- so the teams would have to balance their desire for an immediate win to be highest seed with planning for the elims (can’t be neg twice).
Edit- ok apparently some people out there aren’t listening to the podcast (I know, LOSERS), so here is a short explanation of my reasoning here:
1. Encourages rivalry/head to heads between the top teams
2. Undefeated teams are going to clear anyway so it doesn’t matter to mess with them to increase competition
3. Being pulled up sucks- a down 1 team who is pulled up and loses could face a very real chance of not clearing at a major, it doesn’t make sense to make them debate their break round vs the best team at the tournament and then when they lose let a worse team clear because they got a better round 6 draw.

Fill Out The 3NR Woodward 1st/2nd Year Debater Survey

If you attended this past weekend’s tournament at Woodward Academy, you hopefully were provided with a paper copy of a survey that the 3NR is conducting at the season-ending national championship tournaments. While the number of surveys that were returned by competitors was impressive, many students who competed at Woodward did not get a chance to fill out and return their form.

In the interest of creating as large a sample size as possible, I have created an online version of the form that can be filled out electronically. If you attended the Woodward tournament but did not submit a survey, please take a few minutes to fill out the electronic version (below the fold).

Others are also welcome to complete the survey, but a separate call will be issued next month to those that will be attending the NDCA Championships and the TOC. One main goal of this project is to compare the responses of 1st and 2nd year debaters with those in their 3rd and 4th years so accurate demographic information is essential.

If you would like to fill out the form, it is embedded below the fold.

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Rostrum Response

In the last 6 months or so there have been quite a  few articles in the Rostrum attacking fast, national circuit policy debate. I was going to write a response for the NDCA coaches corner but in the interim several other response pieces were posted, so having my thunder stolen I decided to write something else. Below is some of what I wrote in a rough draft for the article.

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Final Woodward Results

2nd Year Octafinals:
Georgetown Day (DC) HS (Neg) defeated Dunwoody (GA) GH 3-0 Fiori, Nick Sailer, Phil Johnson, Melanie
Mountain Brook (AL) HM (Neg) defeated Westminster (GA) SW 3-0 DiTullio, Katie McLeod, Jack Grusin, Sarah
Marquette (WI) CT (Aff) defeated Univ. Chicago (IL) HR 2-1 Miller, Bruce Patterson, Chris *Elias, Zack
Iowa City West (IA) DH (Aff) defeated Bronx Science (NY) FM 3-0 Smiley, Adam Pozzi, Chris Forslund, Eric
Pine Crest (FL) MR (Aff) defeated Glenbrook South (IL) BJ 3-0 Heidt, Jenny Kerjiwal, Arnav Allen, Ellis
Glenbrook South (IL) HT (Aff) defeated Mt Hebron (MD) AG 3-0 Grigsby, Gerard Layton, Austin Taylor, Daniel
Johns Creek (GA) HP (Neg) defeated Centennial (MD) GM 3-0 Thibeau, Will Quinn, Lee Koo, Bon
Greenhill (TX) BS (Aff) defeated Woodward (GA) SS 2-1 Day, Richard *Cancro, Peter Markoff, Andrew

2nd Year Quarterfinals:
Greenhill (TX) BS (Aff) defeated Georgetown Day (DC) HS 3-0 Pesce, Matthew Thibeau, Will Johnson, Melanie
Mountain Brook (AL) HM (Aff) defeated Johns Creek (GA) HP 3-0 Elias, Zack Koo, Bon Grusin, Sarah
Glenbrook South (IL) HT (Neg) defeated Marquette (WI) CT 3-0 Forslund, Eric Markoff, Andrew Deming, Kyle
Iowa City West (IA) DH (Aff) defeated Pine Crest (FL) MR 3-0 Burch, Daryl Sudarshan, Adi Day, Richard

2nd Year Semifinals:
Greenhill (TX) BS (Aff) defeated Iowa City West (IA) DH 2-1 Burch, Daryl *Thibeau, Will Zhang, Jeff
Glenbrook South (IL) HT (Aff) defeated Mountain Brook (AL) HM 3-0 Forslund, Eric Markoff, Andrew Pesce, Matthew

2nd Year Finals:
Glenbrook South (IL) HT (Neg) defeated Greenhill (TX) BS 3-2 Elias, Zack *Johnson, Melanie Pozzi, Chris
*Markoff, Andrew Burch, Daryl

1st Year Octafinals:
Dexter (MI) CP (Neg) defeated Milton (GA) CT 3-0 McFarland, Tracy Burch, Daryl Manella, David
River Hil (MD) HK (Neg) defeated Glenbrook South (IL) KW 2-1 *Morgan, Will Lingel, Dan Chatterjee, S.
Chattahoochee (GA) KK (Neg) defeated Montgomery Bell (TN) MP 3-0 Stafford, Shane Deming, Kyle Gulakov, Alex
Pace Academy (GA) EK (Neg) defeated Westminster (GA) HS 3-0 Zhang, Jeff Sanchez, Sara Griffin, Payne
Mountain Brook (AL) ST (Aff) defeated Notre Dame (CA) CZ 3-0 Marshall, Julia Strother, Zach Izquierdo, Jesus
Lexington (MA) PW (Aff) defeated Dallas Jesuit (TX) KR 3-0 Dayal, Ayush Lemuel, Joel Kirsch, Sara
Pine Crest (FL) BM (Aff) defeated Blake (MN) HS 3-0 Sudarshan, Adi Khamphoune, Scot Leung, Derek
Mt Hebron (MD) DW (Neg) defeated Bronx Science (NY) BK 2-1 *Cambre, Megan Bottoms, Kevin Ceron, Chris

1st Year Quarterfinals:
Mt Hebron (MD) DW (Aff) defeated Dexter (MI) CP 3-0 Jordan, Shunta Zhang, Jeff Manella, David
River Hil (MD) HK (Neg) defeated Pine Crest (FL) BM 3-0 Cambre, Megan Quinn, Lee Strother, Zach
Chattahoochee (GA) KK (Neg) defeated Lexington (MA) PW 3-0 Bottoms, Kevin McLeod, Jack Sailer, Phil
Pace Academy (GA) EK (Aff) defeated Mountain Brook (AL) ST 2-1 Patterson, Chris Kirsch, Sara *Kerjiwal, Arnav

1st Year Semifinals:
Mt Hebron (MD) DW (Neg) defeated Pace Academy (GA) EK 2-1 *Sailer, Phil Cambre, Megan Sudarshan, Adi
River Hil (MD) HK (Neg) defeated Chattahoochee (GA) KK 2-1 Kerjiwal, Arnav McLeod, Jack *Strother, Zach

1st Year Finals:
Mt Hebron (MD) DW and River Hil (MD) HK are co-champions

Live From Woodward: Quarterfinals

Pairings will be released at 8:00AM on the first floor of the Hilton. Judges should report by 8:20AM; the round starts at 8:30AM.

Quarterfinals—2nd Year Policy:

Georgetown Day (DC) HS vs. Greenhill (TX) BS
Mountain Brook (AL) HM vs. Johns Creek (GA) HP
Marquette (WI) CT vs. Glenbrook South (IL) HT
Iowa City West (IA) DH vs. Pine Crest (FL) MR

Quarterfinals—1st Year Policy:

Dexter (MI) CP vs. Mt Hebron (MD) DW
River Hil (MD) HK vs. Pine Crest (FL) BM
Chattahoochee (GA) KK vs. Lexington (MA) PW
Pace (GA) EK vs. Mountain Brook (AL) ST

Judges—1st/2nd Year Policy:

Bottoms, Kevin
Burch, Daryl
Cambre, Megan
Day, Richard
Deming, Kyle
Elias, Zack
Forslund, Eric
Grusin, Sarah
Jordan, Shunta
Kejriwal, Arnav
Kirsch, Sara
Koo, Bon
Johnson, Melanie
Layton, Austin
Manella, David
Markoff, Andrew
McLeod, Jack
Patterson, Chris
Pesce, Matthew
Quinn, Lee
Sailer, Phil
Sudarshan, Adi
Thibeau, Will
Zhang, Jeff