Burden of Rejoinder, Episode 1: Answering Process CPs

In the first episode of The 3NR’s new podcast, co-hosts Bill Batterman and Brian Manuel discuss process counterplans (like the popular National Governors Association/Uncooperative Federalism Counterplan) and offer a few tips for how affirmative teams can better answer them. The following sources are referenced during the episode:

Trufanov, Anthony. “Stupid CP’s are Stupid.” Debate Musings, 2020.

Ulrich, Walter. “The Legitimacy of the Counter Procedure Counterplan.” Journal of the American Forensic Association, Volume 23, Issue 3, Winter 1987, pp. 166-168.

Watson, Carly. “This Argument Ends the Process Counterplan.” MSU Debate Blog, 2021. (Find in page: “This Argument Ends”)

New episodes of Burden of Rejoinder will be released approximately twice per month. To ask Bill and Brian a question or to suggest an episode topic, email podcast@the3nr.com.

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