Last Word Update


By popular request I am moving back the deadlines/timetable for the next issue of the last word. So the new timeline looks like this


Article Due Date- Friday Sept 9th- this is the last day submissions can be turned in.

Target Publication Date- Friday Sept 30th.

If you are thinking about submitting something, check below the fold for requested topics.


Possible topics:


One goal of The Last Word is to create dialogue about debate theory issues. There were two pieces in the first journal explicitly about debate theory (Bricker- Intrinsicnes, and Atchison- Conditionality). A few people have voiced interest in writing a response to Bricker about intrinsicness, but no one has yet taken up the banner of defending conditionality (there have to be some 2n’s out there somewhere). If you would like to write something responding to either these two articles or any other piece in the opening issue it would be appreciated- and response pieces can be shorter than full length articles.

Topic analysis- of either the college or high school topic. Last year Reuben Lack, a high school student, wrote a great article on debating topicality for the military presence topic. Similar articles discussing projected argument trends or selected topic issues have been the number 1 request from coaches about what they would like to see in future issues.

Insight articles- these basically take a look at an academic area and offer a brief introduction to the topic and explain its relation/use in debate. The piece by Baxter-Kauf on Zizek in the first issue was an excellent example of this. Issues that will come up on the space topic (militarization, the overview effect etc) or the Arab Spring topic (democratic peace theory, orientalism) could be tackled by this kind of article.


If you are interested in writing or working as an editor, please contact













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