NDCA Wiki Page For Teams Competing At 2010 TOC

I created a new page on the NDCA Wiki that lists all of the teams competing in the 2010 Tournament of Champions. In order for this to work, each team’s page must include the appropriate category tag; be careful when editing that you do not accidentally remove it (“Category:Tournament of Champions 2010”).

Several of the teams that are attending the TOC have sparse (to put it politely) wiki pages. If you will be competing in Lexington next weekend, now is a good time to make sure that your page is up-to-date and comprehensive. Even if you are not in the running for the The 3NR Spirit of Disclosure Award, maintaining an up-to-date wiki page is an important component of good debate citizenship.

1 thought on “NDCA Wiki Page For Teams Competing At 2010 TOC

  1. Rohan Sadagopal

    Just a thought – it might be useful to have a seperate page or section (like St. Marks or Bronx) for the TOC, kind of like the opencaselist wiki does for the NDT, in order to assist in identifying the newer information

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