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Glenbrook North Wins The 2009 Marquette Hilltopper Classic

The 2009 Hilltopper Classic at Marquette University High School ended at approximately 2:30PM on Sunday when Flynn Makuch and Alex Pappas of Glenbrook North High School were awarded the Varsity Policy Debate Championship. Glenbrook North earned the James Madison Copeland Cup by defeating Evan McCarty and Lee Quinn from Mountain Brook High School in the finals. Both teams–as well as Glenbrook North’s Alexis Shklar and Vinay Sridharan, who were walked over in the semifinals–receive a bid to the National Tournament of Champions at the University of Kentucky. Shklar also received the Clark/Foley Outstanding Speaker Award for finishing as the top individual speaker at the tournament.

Complete results are available via Joy of Tournaments.

Live From The Marquette Hilltopper Classic – Day 1 Results

The 10th Annual Hilltopper Classic at Marquette University High School is being held this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After a marathon day one that did not end until close to midnight, 56 teams remain in contention for the elimination rounds–a full list of the teams (in order) that have accumulated 3-0, 2-1, or 1-2 records is available below the fold. Round four is underway this morning and rounds five and six and octafinals and quarterfinals will follow.

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Live From The Greenhill Fall Classic – Octafinals


Bronx Science ME vs. Carrollton DG — Baker, Batterman, Mulholland
Damien EG vs. Highland Park PY — Cholera, Petit, CQuinn
Glenbrook North SM vs. College Prep YP — Osborn, Querido, Manuel
Glenbrook South TD vs. Westminster DM — Berthiaume, Abelkop, Bricker
Westlake MB vs. Kinkaid KB — Marks, Sykes, Rubaie
Westminster TA vs. New Trier SC — Crowe, Levkovitz, Sabino
Whitney Young HG vs. Coppell KD — Matheson, BPeterson, Tate
Woodward PP vs. Grapevine QS — Greenstein, Randall, DHeidt

Live From The Greenhill Fall Classic – Speaker Awards

Top Speakers:

15. Amy Schade — Grapevine
14. Kevin Clark — Dulles
13. Reid Ehrlich-Quinn — Damien
12. John Baker — Westlake
11. Becca Rothfeld — Georgetown Day
10. Ira Slomski-Pritz — New Trier
09. Andrew Markoff — Bronx Science
08. Vinay Sridharan — Glenbrook North
07. Misael Gonzales — Whitney Young
06. Anna Dimitrijevic — Carrollton
05. Ellis Allen — Westminster
04. Richard Day — Glenbrook South
03. Will Thibeau — Glenbrook South
02. Layne Kirshon — Kinkaid
01. David Mullins — Westlake

Live From The Greenhill Fall Classic – Double-Octafinals


Bronx Science ME vs. College Prep CM — Petit, Sanchez, Carswell
Carrollton DG vs. Dulles KC — Greenstein, Peretz, Koo
Chattahoochee CR vs. Kinkaid KB — Marks, Rubaie, Sabino
College Prep YP vs. St. Paul Central QJ — Crowe, Iola, Schultz
Coppell KD vs. Law Magnet CS — Davis, Gaston, Gagnon
Damien EG vs. Glenbrook South MZ — Kall, Duffy, Baker
Glenbrook North PS vs. Westminster DM — Powell, Grusin, Quinn
Glenbrook North SM (aff) vs. Westminster MC — Bricker, Levkovitz, Abelkop
Glenbrook South TD vs. Bellaire LQ — Osborn, Mahoney, Carver
Grapevine QS vs. Damien VF — Mulholland, Heidt, Manuel
Highland Park PY vs. Georgetown Day RS — Martin, Sharp, Turoff
New Trier SC vs. St. Mark’s MB — Eyzaguirre, Hines, Lingel
Westlake MB vs. Dallas Jesuit DG — Jagneaux, Querido, Rowe
Westminster TA vs. Bishop Guertin SD — Matheson, Tate, Peterson
Whitney Young HG vs. Glenbrook South SV — Phillips, Batik, Batterman
Woodward PP vs. Dallas Jesuit MY — Berthiaume, Smith, Tallungan