Recommended Podcast Episode: Aziz Rana on U.S. Hegemony, the Liberal International Order, and Biden’s Foreign Policy

Podcasts are an excellent educational resource for debaters. I will occasionally recommend specific episodes that debaters might find particularly helpful.

Leftist foreign policy analysts Daniel Bessner and Derek Davison have a new podcast about U.S. foreign policy called American Prestige. The third episode (“Some Like it Cold (War)“) is particularly valuable for debaters. It includes a lengthy conversation with Aziz Rana, a Cornell law professor whose work has been cited often by debaters in recent seasons to make arguments about hegemony, imperialism, security, capitalism, and related topics.

In this conversation, Rana explains the historical context of U.S. hegemony and the domestic politics that have supported it. He then uses this history to establish several arguments about the contemporary politics of U.S. foreign policy. This wide-ranging discussion will help debaters better understand not just Rana’s arguments about Biden’s foreign policy, but also leftist critiques of U.S. hegemony and imperialism more broadly.