3 thoughts on “Dropbox Teams

  1. maximiliantiger

    At $795/year, for 350 gigs of unnecessary storage, I wouldn't imagine any debate teams would be up for this. And that's for only five people–each additional person costs another $125 year.

    1. Scottyp4313nr

      Its not that pricey if you compare it to competing products, though for an individual student to foot the bill it would probably be too expensive. It shares 5 "accounts" though, not 5 "people" for the record…

      Also, if you haven't associated your dropbox account with a edu email you should do so- just doubled up my refferal space with that scam

  2. GunnerGA

    Or simply invite your team members one by one to use dropbox and get 250Mb added to the 2gb free base account for both people up to 8gb. More than enough for any school debate team to use without paying a dime. Our team uses it religiously.

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