Senior Speaker, Acolyte Honored at Heart of Texas

Each year at the Heart of Texas Invitational at the St. Mark’s School of Texas, two special awards are given to deserving students and coaches: the Senior Speaker Award and the Acolyte Award. This year’s recipients were Evan McCarty of Mountain Brook High School and Jon Voss of Glenbrook South High School, respectively. A list of the past recipients of these awards is available below the fold.

Senior Speaker Award

“The award seeks to provide an opportunity for a prominent and nationally recognized debater to reflect on the values and meaning of debate.” — Tracy McFarland

1997: Alex Berger — Georgetown Day (DC)
1998: Caitlin Talmadge — Greenhill (TX)
1999: Dan Shalmon — Glenbrook North (IL)
2000: Nermin Ghali — Caddo Magnet (LA)
2001: Stephen Chaudoin — Westminster (GA)
2002: Aimi Hamraie — Colleyville Heritage (TX)
2003: Cara Bader — Cedar Rapids Washington (IA)
2004: Leo Zimmermann — Lexington (MA)
2005: Aliya Bhatia — Woodward Academy (GA)
2006: Jonathan Warsh — Groves (MI)
2007: Daniel Sharp — The Kinkaid School (TX)
2008: Katryna Cadle — Bishop Guertin (NH)
2009: Will Thibeau — Glenbrook South (IL)
2010: Ryan Gorman — Dallas Jesuit (TX)
2011: Evan McCarty — Mountain Brook (AL)

Acolyte Award

The Acolyte Award recognizes an Outstanding Assistant Coach for their contributions to the debate community.

1988: Greg Myrberg — Westminster (GA)
1989: David O’Connor — Des Moines Roosevelt (IA)
1990: Steve Griesinger — Princeton (OH)
1991: Paul Bellus — Omaha Westside (NE)
1992: Kirby Chin — Bronx Science (NY)
1993: Tim Alderete — New Trier (IL)
1994: Alan Coverstone — Montgomery Bell Academy (TN)
1995: Dana Vavroch — Bettendorf (IA)
1996: Eric Truett — T.A. Edison (VA)
1997: Wayne Tang — Maine East (IL)
1998: Stefan Bauschard — Cathedral Prep (PA)
1999: Jason Patil — Glenbrook North (IL)
2002: Tara Tate — Blake (MN)
2005: Michael Risen — Montgomery Bell Academy (TN)
2006: Jason Sykes — Grapevine (TX)
2008: Calum Matheson — Glenbrook South (IL)
2009: Jason Peterson — St. Mark’s (TX)
2010: Claire McKinney — Kinkaid (TX)
2011: Jon Voss — Glenbrook South (IL)

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