The Last Word


We are finally ready to publish the first issue of the last word, it can be found here .


I am still waiting on quite a few things – the eissn, confirmation of original issn, and placement in journal databases (and related appearance on google scholar). As these occur, there will probably be substantial revisions to the website content and formatting.


The first issue can be read in its entirety now though.


Any comments on any/all aspects of the journal would be appreciated.

One thought on “The Last Word

  1. maximiliantiger

    I haven't read all these yet but I just want to say that I think this is the most awesome thing ever. I'm really excited about this because other journals have moved away from debate theory (JAFA, Rostrum) so this will be a great forum. So far the journal looks to have a good balance of theoretical opinion pieces (against conditionality), advice-type articles (certainty key), and topic/genre specific pieces (military presence, primacy). This is great because there really isn't another forum for all these different things, with journals like JAFA or NFJ mainly having theory-opinion pieces (speed is bad, conditional counterplans are good, etc.), and the Rostrum having too short of articles for good theory discussion.

    Anyway, can you talk more about the specific role of editors, and can qualified students apply to editor positions?

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