New Podcast Episode Covers TOC, Summer Institute Preparation

The 3NR Podcast is back with a new hour-long episode that is divided between two conversations: one looking back on this year’s Tournament of Champions and the other looking forward to summer institutes. Our TOC debriefing covers a lot of ground from the schedule to the judging pool to the class of 2011. The student-centered portion of the episode then puts the focus on preparing for summer institutes. What can students do to improve between now and the beginning of camp? How can students make a good impression on their lab leaders? Many tips (as well as a few warnings) are provided.

Interested? Head over to and download the new episode. If you haven’t done so already, you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

One thought on “New Podcast Episode Covers TOC, Summer Institute Preparation

  1. Bill Batterman Post author

    Music in this episode: Tim Easton — Lexington Jail (intro), Fountains of Wayne — It Must Be Summer (middle), The Hold Steady — Constructive Summer (outro).

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