The Return of the Malgorcast

Recorded at the end of April (Apologies for the delay. – ed.), the latest episode of the podcast features the return of Malcolm Gordon (his previous appearances include s01e03, s01e12, and s01e13). Several topics are covered during this hour-long discussion:

  1. Topicality: after judging two T debates together at the National Debate Tournament (round eight between Wake Forest HM and Kansas KP and the semifinals between Northwestern FS and Michigan LZ), Malcolm and Scott discuss trends in topicality debating, suggest strategies for improving topicality preparation and execution, and wonder about the way that topicality debates are commonly judged.
  2. Conditionality: Malcolm and Scott discuss the way that conditionality is debated and judged.
  3. Impact Turns: is the era of the impact turn over? Scott thinks so, and he and Malcolm explain why that’s a shame—and how to improve impact comparisons.
  4. Framework: Malcolm’s opus answering Scott’s defense of framework arguments is not yet complete, but he gives listeners a sneak preview of what they have to look forward to.

As always, you should head over to and download the new episode. If you haven’t done so already, you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

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