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19 thoughts on “Follow The 2011 TOC On Twitter

  1. Bruce Najor

    Hello everyone!

    As we all get ready for the TOC and fill out our pref sheets I would just like to remind everybody that besides precluding the normal set of folks who work as coaches, it may be in the students best interest to preclude debaters and especially coaches from Universities they will be debating at next season. While I don't believe there is a "rule" on this matter, I think it best encourages a fair and controversy free (well, as controversy free as an end of the season tournament can be) environment. Brother Rice will be precluding all current Wake Forest and Michigan State coaches and debaters.

    Thanks everyone and good luck!

    Bruce Najor

    1. Rohan Sadagopal

      Aaron sent out an email through Joy of Tournaments:

      "Any judges precluded from judging a particular debater or team should be placed in the 5/constrained category. Judge preclusions include previous coaching, future college affiliation/recruiting, etc. Please don't leave any judges blank. All judges should be designated with a number. "

      1. Curious

        Not to suggest any wrong doing, especially not on the part of Nate Cohn, but I'm surprised that Westminster didn't constrain him considering he helped them last year.

      1. sddds

        haha someone mustve taken forslunds computer. all i can say that if there's an argument block in there that a team reads, they could have a head start in elims when hitting greenhill PP

        1. totally anonymous

          it's just a bunch of mediocre K answers, nothing terribly game changing

  2. sm debater

    if someone tapes the policy finals, can they please upload it to ustream so we can watch it live?


    go SM BM!!!!!!!

  3. Anon

    debatevision is a great site, it definitely should be used for any outround videos imho

  4. Anon

    Results packet anywhere? .. or just results in general? (i know people are tweeting about it but something a bit more centralized)

  5. guest2

    The 2011 TOC was one of the best ever. Since this site seems to delete my posts when I put my name on them, I suppose I'll type this anonymously.

    Westminster TA accomplished something amazing. The level of focus, dedication and work needed to do it two years in a row is unbelievable, and they did it. Every year someone says 'Yeah, but it is Westminster…' as though these two weren't two of the hardest workers in the country. Anyone who doubts it shouldn't. When they lost (what, twice?), they didn't kick or scream, they asked their judges very self-aware questions both at and after the tournament and went home and improved. They were also a picture of teamwork. Great NDT teams (Emory HH, Wake GL, etc) distinguish themselves by leaning on each other when things get bad. These guys were excellent at working together and it really showed.

    To anyone who didn't quite reach their goal, consider for a bit the difference between this season and most. The level of debating across the board was unreal. Earning 29s in every debate got you to 4th speaker, where last year's Top Speaker wrapped up a fantastic career. So many debaters debated so well this year and rightfully believed they could bring home a title. It was awesome getting to watch debaters like Damiyr, Anna, Miles, Pappas, Vinay etc. and I think this year's graduating class could hold up to almost any other.

    Tons of debaters beyond those mentioned did great things. I hope it was as fun for everyone to debate as it was to coach and judge this year. This class won't be forgotten.

    1. Mimi_SL

      Is there a video of the decisions available or are decisions going to be posted again at some point?

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