The Tournament of Champions In The 3NR Results Archive

The results from every Tournament of Champions since 1995 (XXIV through XXXIX) are now accessible via The 3NR Results Archive. Packets remain missing for 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2008; if anyone has access to these packets (or to results from prior to 1995), please email the author.

1995 — Immigration
1996 — China
1997 — Juvenile Crime
1998 — Renewable Energy
1999 — Russia

2000 — Education
2001 — Privacy
2002 — WMD
2003 — Mental Health Care
2004 — Ocean Policy

2005 — UN Peacekeeping
2006 — Civil Liberties
2007 — National Service
2008 — Sub-Saharan Africa
2009 — Alternative Energy

2010 — Social Services

Some statistics have already been provided from the last 15 runs for the roses. More TOC-related content will be shared over the course of the next week.

5 thoughts on “The Tournament of Champions In The 3NR Results Archive

  1. Ben

    With so many juniors in late elims last year, this years TOC is basically a major rematch

    One can only imagine the elim bracket this year

  2. Whit

    I believe "the run for the roses" is the name reserved for the Kentucky college round robin, not the TOC.

    1. Bill Batterman Post author

      I cut a card to answer this:

      The TOC is the "Run for the Roses".
      J.W. Patterson, Founder and Director of the TOC, 1997 ("1997 TOC 'Run For The Roses'," Post to the CX-L, April 23rd, Available Online at… Accessed 05-05-2011)
      In the midst of projected thunderstorms both Friday and Saturday throughout the Bluegrass, the following debaters will compete in the 1997 TOC "Run For The Roses." (This team and LD list is being transfered from Microsoft Word to e-mail and, hence, may not be formatted properly but hopefully it will help those of you who need this information).


  3. Anon

    I wonder if there's a way to trace the impact that debate has on academic research via statistics. Someone who is better than me at math should do some thinking on this.

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