Podcast: Preparing For The TOC, Part 2

Scott Phillips and James Herndon are back for part two of their discussion of TOC preparation. This time, the goal is to help students prepare to debate on the negative. How can you prepare topicality arguments to protect yourself against new cases? How does the politics disadvantage fit into your preparation? What counterplans should you have ready to go? These and other questions are discussed by two of the coaches of this year’s Copeland Award winning team from Emory University. Head over to podcast.the3nr.com and download the new episode to find the answers. As always, you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Preparing For The TOC, Part 2

  1. Anon

    Spark? Veto-Cheto? … Next you're going to say you can win the TOC on plan flaw haha!

    oh wait… 😉

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