Georgetown Debate Seminar Releases Hoya Template 1.0

The Georgetown Debate Seminar over the weekend released the 1.0 version of the Hoya Template, a paperless debate template for Microsoft Word designed by Anton Strezhnev and based on Alex Gulakov’s pioneering Synergy program. The Hoya Template offers several improvements over previous software including a streamlined automatic cite request generator, enhanced speech document functionality, and a superior reading mode.

The Hoya Template 1.0 is available for free download at the Georgetown Debate Seminar website. An example card that was cut in the template is also available for download; use it to try out the impressive reading mode and cite request features.

Strezhnev will again be serving as a technology consultant this summer for the GDS where he will help students incorporate this and other paperless software into their debating.

Have you taken the Hoya Template for a test drive? Do you have any tips for improving paperless debating? Share your thoughts in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Georgetown Debate Seminar Releases Hoya Template 1.0

  1. Duner

    There is nothing on the Hoya website about comparability with OSX. DOes anyone know if the template works on a mac?

  2. Milan Savani

    One thing you can do, instead of placing the Hoya file in the "%AppData%/Microsoft/Templates" under the "Georgetown Debate.dotm" name, you can rename it to "Normal.dotm" and save it into "%AppData%/Microsoft/Templates," replacing either your original Word "Normal.dotm" or the Synergy one from your previous installation, if you just want Word to open automatically in the template.

    A word of warning, though: you may want to back up the old "Normal.dotm," just in case the Hoya template doesnt work because the "Normal.dotm" file is the standard file that Word opens every time you use it. You can back it up by just renaming it to something distinct.

  3. Bosley

    Just a quick note – for those who do the replacement of the Normal.dotm file (at least for me) you still need to have a copy of the Georgetown Debate.dotm file in your templates folder because the New Speech macro references it. Without including it, exactly as named, then the shortcuts on the ribbon for creating a speech will just give you error messages since it creates a new document and then adds a command to attach that template by assuming it's located in your Templates folder.

    1. Carl

      (Only verified with Word 2010)

      If you decided to make the Hoya template the Normal.dotm, you can fix the broken macro problem with relative ease.

      1. Rename the template as Milan said above
      2. Attempt to run one of the new speech macro's
      3. An Error Message will pop up and say the path couldn't be found. It will give you the option to "End" the macro or "Debug" the macro. If you click "Debug" it will open up the Visual Basic Code Editor and point to the problem. This seems complicated and overwhelming, but it's not. The editor will highlight the field that says "Georgetown Debate.dotm" if you change that to say "Normal.dotm" all of the macros will work like normal.

      1. Bosley

        That's actually exactly what I did, except I instead made a separate template file named "Speech.dotm" with all the Macros but no header or footer and made the macro reference that template. I just figured it'd be worth mentioning the simple option of just putting another copy in the folder.

      2. Anton

        This is exactly what to do if you want to use it as the Global Template. I should probably release a version that is purely the global template.

        I chose not to to prevent confusion and problems with replacing the Normal template, especially if you also use other templates.

  4. Michael Chen

    When I open the template the debate tab is empty. i have Windows 7 SP1 and word 2010 any ideas?

    1. Bosley

      I actually had this same issue, and unfortunately do not have a crystal clear answer for "what did the trick" since I was just toying around til it worked. One thing worth trying though is installing the template as a global template if you have not done that already. I apologize if that isn't helpful whatsoever, for me it was something I had to do before the tab showed up.

  5. Debater

    The problem I'm having is this:

    I open a new speech document and receive the following (same problem I had with SugarSync, never received a tech reply from Gulakov to help out):

    "Run-time error '5152':
    This is not a valid file name.
    Try one or more of the following:
    *Check the path to make sure it was typed correctly.
    *Select a file from the list of files and folders.

    The code highlighted in the debugger is:
    ActiveDocument.SaveAs SpName & ".doc", 0

    I'm on Word 2010 on Windows 7 64 Bit

    Any assistance would be appreciated as while the template itself ends up working in the new document none of the macros to transfer cards/blocks/etc. work so it is rather self-defeating.

    1. nooch

      If you're attending the Georgetown Debate Seminar, please email us for additional technical support.

      (Support for Macs or Linux specifically is only available during the Seminar. We do not currently support SugarSync, although we can probably help you with Synergy.)

    2. Anton

      The issue here seems to be with the directory where you're saving your files by default. You can re-set this in the Georgetown Debate Template options window.

      You can also re-set default saving directory in Word options proper.

  6. The Confused Novice

    What is the best way to get the Hoya Template 1.0 onto a Mac? Do you need to use bootcamp or parallels? what system works the best?

    1. Anon

      If this is a GBN novice, which I'm sure it is, ask Jason or Richie.
      Richie can get parallels on your Mac for free.

  7. Anonymous

    So, same question as The Confused Novice – what is the best way to use it on a Mac? Can it be run natively or do you need something like parallels or bootcamp with a Windows OS? Obviously the answer provided here was to use parallels, is that the only real way?

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