Help Us Compile The History of the Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships

The 1st and 2nd Year National National Championships in Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate will be hosted this coming weekend by Woodward Academy in College Park, GA. In an attempt to preserve the institutional memory of the tournament, we have been efforting to create a comprehensive history of the event beginning with a list of each year’s champions, runners-up, and top speakers. If anyone can help us fill in the gaps, please let me know. Results packets from the missing years would also be greatly appreciated; if coaches could take a few minutes to dig through their archives, I would love to be able to complete our archive.

4 thoughts on “Help Us Compile The History of the Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships

  1. Bill Batterman Post author

    BTW, Jon Cruz of The Bronx High School of Science is helping us put together the LD results — they'll be posted soon.

  2. Melanie Johnson

    In 1999-2000, Valley Johnson-Kumar were the Runner's up in 2nd Year Policy. (I'm pretty sure this is true – I will double-check with Tyson at work tomorrow.)

    1. Melanie Johnson

      Yes, that is true. Confirmed today. He thinks champion was from Portage Northern, but can't remember for sure.

  3. Alyssa Z.

    2006 Novice –
    Pace Academy AL (Jennifer Armstrong & Peyton Lee) (1) d. Chattahoochee PT (Krishna Patel & Ankita Tirath) (16)
    Georgetown Day MS (Adam Masurovsky & Jake Sendar) (9) d. Bishop Guertin FP (Jackie Fabian & Chris Power) (8)
    Woodward KS (Sahil Khatod & Shivani Sardana) (13) d. Grady GL (Bree Gray-Jordan & Minh Lam) (4)
    Fullerton Union GL (Robin Gray & Grace Lim) (5) d. Westminster CM (Monica Chatterjee & Neha Malik) (12)
    Glenbrook South QZ (Colin Quinn & Alec Zimmer) (2) d. Chattahoochee CZ (Ritchie Choy & Weilian Zhang) (15)
    Notre Dame AP (Dayton Aldrich & Quinn Powell) (7) d. Westminster CT (Ishita Chordia & Alex Tate) (10)
    Woodward OS (Christopher Organ & Aman Sharma) (3) d. Chaminade Prep DN (Truman Do & Sid Nair) (14)
    Westminster JS (Rajesh Jegadeesh & Nahum Seifeselassie) (11) d. Colleyville Heritage KM (Derek Kelly & Andrew Murray) (6)

    Pace AL d. GDS MS
    Wdward KS d. Fuller GL
    GBS QZ d. NDame AP
    Westmn JS d. Wdward OS

    Everything else is correct/complete.
    Fun fact: Finals was won on condo.

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