Updated Baker Award Standings: Westminster Remains Number One

This past weekend included not only the Barkley Forum at Emory University—a maximum-point qualifying tournament—but also the final rounds of two previous tournaments, Blake and the University of Michigan. With these results added to the season-long statistics, the unofficial National Debate Coaches Association David P. Baker Award for Season Long Excellence standings have once again been updated. Westminster remains at the top of the heap but Beacon and Mountain Brook both catapulted their way into the top five by reaching the final round of Emory.

Who else is in the top ten? The top fifteen? Can anyone catch Westminster? The answers are below the fold.

  1. Westminster — Ellis Allen & Daniel Taylor, 1484.5
  2. St. Mark’s — Rishee Batra & Alex Miles, 1278.3
  3. Georgetown Day — Joe Krakoff & Ben Levy, 1250.7
  4. Beacon — Damiyr Davis & Miguel Feliciano, 1134.0
  5. Mountain Brook — Evan McCarty & Lee Quinn, 1125.3
  6. Georgetown Day — David Herman & Isaac Stanley-Becker, 1091.8
  7. Glenbrook North — Alex Pappas & Zack Parker, 1068.7
  8. Carrollton Sacred Heart — Anna Dimitrijevic & Fabiola Urdaneta, 1061.5
  9. Kinkaid — Vivek Datla & Zach Rosenthal, 1049.0
  10. Gulliver Prep — Greg Adler & Jorge Toledo, 1048.0
  11. College Prep — Vinay Pai & Tatsuro Yamamura, 904.3
  12. Damien — Nadeem Farooqi & Pablo Gannon, 870.1
  13. Greenhill — Kush Patel & Chris Patterson, 862.8
  14. Lexington — Jack Caporal & Michael Suo, 836.0
  15. Greenhill — Akshay Bhushan & Lyall Stuart, 825.6

Westminster’s current low score (among their top five tournaments) is 213.3 (from Emory). Assuming they do not achieve a higher score at any of their remaining tournaments, no teams can surpass their total of 1484.5 without attending Harvard/Berkeley and another high-point-value tournament (Stanford and Golden Desert are probably the only others that remain). The following are the maximum point totals that the top ten teams can accumulate assuming that they win Harvard/Berkeley with undefeated prelim records:

  • St. Mark’s BM — 1454.3, 30.2 points shy of Westminster.
  • Georgetown Day KL — 1432.0
  • Beacon DF — 1410.6
  • Mountain Brook MQ — 1333.3
  • Georgetown Day HS — 1308.9
  • Glenbrook North PP — 1292.7
  • Carrollton DU — 1269.5
  • Kinkaid DR — 1299.7
  • Gulliver Prep AT — 1256.0

Of the teams outside the top ten, Damien has the best chance to make a run: if they win both Golden Desrt and Berkeley with undefeated prelim records (not an easy task, of course), they would finish with 1381.2 points and would have a good chance of securing a spot in the top five.

This update to the rankings includes results from Emory as well as the final rounds of Blake (Lexington CS defeated Beacon DF) and the University of Michigan (Glenbrook North PP defeated Westminster AT). Tournaments that were included in these rankings include: Blake, Glenbrooks, Greenhill, Ohio Valley, Wake Forest, Emory, Michigan, New Trier, St. Mark’s, Georgetown Day, Bronx Science, Iowa Caucus, Lexington, Texas, Valley, Grapevine, Dowling, Scranton, KCKCC, Meadows, USC, Alta, MBA, Long Beach, Fullerton, Houston Memorial, Arizona State, Florida Blue Key, Hockaday, Whitman, La Costa Canyon, Samford, and Omaha Westside.

Season-long totals were calculated for all teams that have appeared in the semifinals of at least one octafinals bid tournament as well as several other teams that have consistently been in the late elims. If you would like to know where are particular team stands, please let me know. I will publish the final spreadsheet for the community to fact check after Harvard/Berkeley.

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