You Ask, We Answer: Season 2, Episode 7 of The 3NR Podcast

As promised, the latest edition of The 3NR Podcast centers entirely around reader/listener-submitted questions. With the full crew on board, the discussion covers a lot of ground including email evidence, the way that judges should (and do) balance explanation versus evidence, debating the case against COIN affirmatives, and more. Click on over to to download the new episode or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. We didn’t get to everything, so we will dedicate another future episode to the remaining questions we’ve received from our listeners. If you have something you’d like us to discuss, please let us know.

13 thoughts on “You Ask, We Answer: Season 2, Episode 7 of The 3NR Podcast

  1. Crowe

    OMG I'm not nearly done and I have no idea how Roy is coming back from this "winner's win" hole he dug. Batterman waaaaay out in front.

  2. Crowe

    Roy's last sentence contained a smaller number of words than Scott's, so Scott gets 100% risk of his argument.

  3. anonymous

    for the next podcast, do you have any advice for how to improve during the "off" season (for kids who aren't going to the toc, how to keep improving between now and camp)

  4. Name

    preparing for new affs at the toc, what to do before the debate when they say "new," what to do during the 1ac, etc

  5. Name

    deploying the positive peace critique on the negative – not as a miscellaneous 2nc card on a separate gender kritik, but as it's own, independent position

  6. anon

    debating GDS's new "pirates aff"/"piradical politics aff"–how to tackle this strategically and not just let them out-ridiculous you.

  7. anon

    Can y'all address the whole "debating with your regular partner at camp vs. not doing that" issue that never made it onto the last podcast?

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