Special Guest Podcast: Affirmative Approaches to Critiques

The latest edition of The 3NR Podcast features two special guests: James Herndon (Director of Debate Programs and Debate Coach at Emory University) and John Turner (M.A. candidate in Communication and Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Georgia). James, John, and Scott discuss affirmative approaches to debating critiques. Click on over to podcast.the3nr.com to download the new episode or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

10 thoughts on “Special Guest Podcast: Affirmative Approaches to Critiques

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  2. Christian Chessman

    Deleuze and Guattari – why they are so popular in debate, what you think will replace them (ie, what will become the new avant-garde philosophy to bastardize) and when this will occur, and why they have such poor answers in most (read: all) kritik backfiles. Also, how you'd approach attacking them in a generic sense; should arguments just be against the philosoph(ies?) they advance in general? How do you prep out the 1000 ways (ATP pun) they can be deployed in a specific manner?

    How do perms function against the way these types of K are deployed? Since many Often narrative in form and without a text leaves many affirmatives (read: me) in a difficult position.

    What kind of theoretical arguments do you think they justify, if any? Should affirmatives get to endorse the alt and kick the AC? What kind of (abusive?) perms are available?

    What kind of strategy would you recommend in general as an answer? Where should we find offense on their alt? How heavily should we rely on theory verse perms?

    How would you personally dissect some classic DnG cards? Seem, Foucault's intro, Massumi, etc.

    Why does everything seem connected to capitalism, gender or race?

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