Baker Award Standings Updated

The unofficial National Debate Coaches Association David P. Baker Award for Season Long Excellence standings have been updated and are available below the fold. This update includes partial results from the Georgetown Day School tournament, full results from the Lexington tournament, and a few corrections from last week’s version. I will release another update along with the full spreadsheet after the Barkley Forum.

  1. Westminster — Ellis Allen & Daniel Taylor, 1463.2
  2. St. Mark’s — Rishee Batra & Alex Miles, 1255.0
  3. Georgetown Day — Joe Krakoff & Ben Levy, 1217.6
  4. Georgetown Day — David Herman & Isaac Stanley-Becker, 1091.8
  5. Carrolton Sacred Heart — Anna Dimitrijevic & Fabiola Urdaneta, 1061.5
  6. Kinkaid — Vivek Datla & Zach Rosenthal, 1049.0
  7. Gulliver Prep — Greg Adler & Jorge Toledo, 1030.3
  8. Beacon — Damiyr Davis & Miguel Feliciano, 934.0
  9. College Prep — Vinay Pai & Tatsuro Yamamura, 883.4
  10. Glenbrook North — Alex Pappas & Zack Parker, 878.3

Tournaments that were included in these rankings: Blake (MN), Glenbrooks (IL), Greenhill School (TX), Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), St. Mark’s School (TX), University of Michigan (MI), Georgetown Day (DC)(partial), Grapevine (TX), Lexington (MA), New Trier (IL), Ohio Valley (KY), University of Southern California (CA), University of Texas at Austin (TX), Wake Forest University (NC), Alta (UT), Bronx Science (NY), Dowling (IA), Houston Memorial (TX), Iowa Caucus (IA), Meadows (NV), Valley (IA).

The final round of Blake has not yet been held, so both Lexington CS and Beacon DF received a 1.8 elimination round success multiplier; the winner will have that number boosted to 2.3 after the round is decided. The same is true of the final round of Michigan between Westminster AT and Glenbrook North PP.

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