New Additions To The 3NR Results Archive

A large number of results packets have been added to The 3NR Results Archive over the past few days. We have about 50 packets in the queue to process and post and will continue adding them to the archive as they are finished. A big thank you to Tim Alderete for his contribution to this project: almost all of what is currently available from the 1990s is courtesy of Tim’s personal archive.

Many gems can be found in these results.

For example, the complete preliminary round results packet from the 1991 Barkley Forum for High Schools at Emory University—held 20 years ago next weekend—is available for perusal. You can’t tell from the packet, but a search of Emory’s own “Hall of Champions” page reveals that Upper Arlington’s Chris Barth and Abe Newman (coached by Marie Dzuris, now the coach of Centerville High School) defeated Omaha Westside’s Jason Patil and Paul Skiermont (coached by G. David Richardson) to claim the title. The top speaker was Greg Huber from St. Frances de Sales, an all-male Catholic high school in Toledo, Ohio. Huber went on to attend Emory University and is now an Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University. Interestingly, the top speaker at the Barkley Forum in 1991 received 116 high-low points—identical to the points received by the 2010 top speaker, Andrew Markoff of the Bronx High School of Science.

A lot more awaits those willing to dive into the archives. As always, please let me know if you have something to contribute.

4 thoughts on “New Additions To The 3NR Results Archive

  1. Josh

    A close examination of the Niles West 1993 results will reveal that Geofge Kouros and Armands Revelins who won the Policy TOC in 1995, both debated in the LD division here (also check out the novice policy speakers 🙂 ).

  2. Ellis

    the 3nr should make a debate videos archive. you don't have to host the videos–just an organized section of links would be awesome. that way people who independently film high school rounds would have a place to share them.

  3. huevosybacon

    Great find- the seventeenth speaker at the Princeton Invitational in 1994 was Nate Silver, of Wikipedia confirms that he went to East Lansing HS. His team went 6-1. Because he is a political theorist, a frequent writer of uniqueness cards and a former high school debater, someone should email him or whatever to see how he feels about the politics disad. Upon further examination, he is all over the 1994-1995 results- even at the TOC

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