Woodward Tournament Eligibility Questions

I’ve gotten a bunch of good questions over the last 10 days and to avoid repeating the answer I’ll post them here.

Q1- Does patricipation in Middle School Debate Tournaments effect eligibility

A– NO. Lots of places have people who debate in a middle school debate league.  These tournaments are one day with abridged speech times (4 min constructives 2 min rebuttals or some combo).

Please understand there is a difference between participating in high school tournaments with a high school debate format as a middle schooler versus competing at middle school only tournaments.  A 9th grader who went to the Glenbrooks as a 7th and 8th grader is not Eligible.  A 9th grader who debated at a MS only tournament is.

Limiting out MS debate completely would be too restrictive to areas and squads where participation in some MS debate exists.


Q2- What if my debater went to a Middle School debate camp-

A2- Thats fine, as long as they didn’t compete at high school competitions


Q3- What if my debater went to a high school camp before their 9th grade

A3- As long as they didn’t debate at any high school tournaments before 9th they are eligible


Inevitably some of you will disagree with these distinctions or clarifications, tough?

When in doubt (ask me) or ask yourself this question, “Would I feel it fair if my kids debated another school whose child had this level of experience in X division?”

This tournament is designed to be good experience for kids in their beginning stages of debate.  If you are interested in collecting trophies please consult Jon Cruz, he knows many many trophy and plaque makers and could help you procure some.