Intelligence Squared Features Expert Debate About Afghanistan

Intelligence Squared recently featured an Oxford-style debate regarding U.S. military presence in Afghanistan:

Has the surge in Afghanistan failed, and is it time for the U.S. to admit defeat and start pulling our troops out? Nine years in, what have we accomplished in Afghanistan? Upon taking office in 2009, President Obama ordered an additional 17,000 troops in February and another 30,000 at year’s end in the hopes of staunching a rapidly deteriorating situation. Has the surge failed, or does it need time to take its course? Critics of the war are advocating everything from withdrawing our troops and concentrating on covert forces, to saving the north and abandoning the south to the Taliban. Only one thing is certain—there are no good options, but can the U.S. afford to abandon Afghanistan?

Matthew Hoh and Nir Rosen represented the affirmative and Max Boot and Peter Bergen represented the negative.

One thought on “Intelligence Squared Features Expert Debate About Afghanistan

  1. Scottyp4313nr Post author

    I love these things. I would highly recommend them, esp if you debate in a region that emphasizes going slow/persuasion. After listening to a few you can quickly see who is good/bad and why when it comes to persuading lay audiences

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