Prepare For The Rest of the Season With The Latest Podcast Episode

As promised, the latest episode of The 3NR Podcast was recorded today. From the description on the Podcast page:

As the first semester draws to a close, this episode of The 3NR Podcast assesses the evolution of this year’s topic and provides practical advice for students as they prepare for the rest of the season. The news is chock full of stories that are relevant to debates about U.S. military presence: the Lisbon NATO Summit, the North Korean attack on South Korea, and the Wikileaks disclosure are just the tip of the iceberg. What do these recent developments—and more, including the state of President Obama’s agenda in the new, split Congress—mean for the topic? How can students maximize the benefits of their Winter Break preparation? The discussion weaves into several other topics including the wiki, disclosure norms, and the “Warm Room” tabulation concept and concludes with (not so) rapid-fire responses to questions submitted by listeners.

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14 thoughts on “Prepare For The Rest of the Season With The Latest Podcast Episode

    1. Roy Levkovitz

      We got some big time sponsors for the podcast. Bill thought it would be funny to insert the commercial scott was referencing that was on the tv in the background

  1. Ellis

    i haven't posted anything on the wiki in forever because i can't edit it anymore. when i click to edit i get a grayish screen over the page that sits there indefinitely. i might've talked to bill at the glenbrooks about this but im pretty sure other people have issues with this too

  2. Bill Batterman Post author

    For those that are having the "blank white screen" issue with the wiki: what browser and operating system are you using? I'm trying to replicate the problem and have been unable to do so.

    In other news, I spent about six hours today cleaning up the wiki — if anyone needs help cleaning up their team's page, send me an email and I'll try to help.

    1. Ellis

      i use google chrome but i think i had the same issue with firefox. happens on mac and windows xp if that matters

      1. Scottyp4313nr Post author


        You should have some kind of 3nr intern contest to get other people to assist in wiki cleanup a la Kramerica Industries.

    2. Vinay

      I've had this problem with
      OS: Vista, Windows 7
      Browser: Firefox, Chrome

      one short-term solution that occasionally works: sign in and edit the page, copy and paste the into a word document.text

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