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New Podcast Episode Discusses Affirmative Strategy

Struggling on the affirmative? Having trouble with the 1AR? Looking for ways to improve your pre-tournament preparation? The newest episode of The 3NR Podcast covers several topics including backflowing, 1AR strategy, affirmative preparation, and paperless efficiency as well as a discussion of whether judges should access evidence during debates. Head over to to download the new episode or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Random Speaker Point Improvement Tips

First, if you don’t practice speaking for at least 30 minutes a day you are a joker. It’s that simple. Imagine you wanted to be on the cross country team, but instead of running every day all you did was stretch. Or you wanted to be on the swim team but instead of getting in the pool you just shaved your legs and wore your swim cap around. Or you wanted to do cross fit but instead of doing it you just watched a bunch of cross fit videos. Debate is a speaking activity, yet most people don’t practice speaking between tournaments. Even those who do don’t really understand exactly how much and how consistently they have to do it if they want to see actual results. You can break this down by numbers pretty easily

1. At the average HS tournament you get 6 prelims

2. In each prelim you speak for 13 minutes (8+5). The vast majority of people aren’t clearing.

3. That means you get 78 minutes of speaking practice at a tournament.

4. The average debater probably only goes to 8-10 tournaments a year, so lets liberally go with 10, that makes 780 minutes of speaking in one season.

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