Site Upgrades

We have made two recent upgrades to The 3NR that we hope will improve your user experience.

First, we have installed IntenseDebate, a feature-rich commenting system that includes comment threading, commenter profiles, reputation points, and robust connections to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can now log-in to The 3NR using an Intense Debate account, a account, Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID. Victory Briefs Daily has been using IntenseDebate for several weeks and the user experience is excellent. Even if you don’t make use of any of the new features, the IntenseDebate system should make for a more elegant commenting experience for all of our users.

Second, we have begun caching the site to increase its responsiveness and cut down on the time it takes to load pages. Our goal is to eliminate downtime and ensure that our content is always available when our users need it. If anyone notices any problems with the site during this transition, please let me know —

Thanks for your continued support.

7 thoughts on “Site Upgrades

  1. Suo

    Did the body text font change to Gill Sans Bold for anyone else? might be because I'm using the new firefox beta build

    looks kinda trippy

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