New Podcast Episode Focuses on Skill Development

The newest episode of The 3NR Podcast is now available — head over to to download it or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. This week’s episode focuses on skill development and provides practical advice that can help debaters at all levels reach their goals.

4 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode Focuses on Skill Development

  1. Bill Batterman Post author

    In honor of the St. Mark's tournament and hopefully as a reverse jinx, the bumper music for this episode is "Texas Flood" by Stevie Ray Vaughan. If it rains during the tournament, though, I guess it will be my fault.

  2. Anon

    As far as 2AC case debates go,should there be an impact overview at all? For example if they read 3 disads and an impact overview can't be tailored specifically to every impact, is it okay to read a generic impact overview? I feel like perceptually, it's better to start out with 'collapse of heg makes great power war inevitable…', rather than 'heg is sustainable…'


    1. Herndon

      i always thought there should be a brief impact overview – specific to what the aff's claim is [not necessarily tailored to the 1nc's impacts]. So, I would start with "collapse of heg makes great power war inevitable." as a short explanation of your advantage.

      IF you have a specific way that your advantage interacts with the disads – more than the generic "makes wars inev b/c heg is the IL" then make that more tailored argument on the disad.

      Example: Disad has an environment impact. 2ac read a card/make an argument that heg solves for the env't. This functions as an add-on b/c unless you also read impact defense [you should] they cannot jettison the mpx from the debate.

      Note: Others disagree with me for the need for an impact overview, I think they are wrong, but understand the "2ac is about creating arguments on the flow" perspective.

  3. Steve

    In a post or the next podcast could you discuss the speaking drills you use the most with your teams and the ones that you think are the most effective. Thanks!

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