Site Redesign and News

As you can see, we have freshened things up for the new season. If you hate the new theme, we welcome constructive suggestions — this is a work in progress and hopefully we can improve it over time.

In addition to the redesign, we will soon be unveiling a new podcast-specific site that will hopefully play nicer with iTunes and other podcast aggregators. The first podcast of the season will be recorded and published sometime this week; if there’s something you would like us to discuss, please let us know in the comments.

The last few months have been hectic for all three of us and our publishing schedule suffered as a result. With Scott and I settled in to our new jobs and our new city, we plan to once again provide a lot of new content each week for our loyal readers and listeners.

On behalf of Scott and Roy, thanks for your support!

12 thoughts on “Site Redesign and News

  1. Thomas Hodgman

    I really like the new design, though I think the old swirly/color things for people who don't have avatars were nicer than the current blue/white thing.

  2. Thomas Hodgman

    Oh, one other thing. For some reason when on the main page, it displays the number of comments on this thread as 0 and the number of comments on the ndca wiki thread as 1. The comments are also missing on the recent comments sidebar.

    However, they show up when viewing either of the specific threads, both below the posts and on the sidebar.

  3. Anonymous

    A couple things I would like to hear in future podcasts:

    Debating the security K effectively. I thought Scott's post on reading was helpful but if you guys could talk about writing good blocks and extending it effectively in later speeches, that would be cool. Maybe some aff answer discussion too.

    Impact turning. I don't remember a podcast dealing with this. When/how strategic to impact turn, how to extend them in the block and 2nr, maybe the specifics of a heg or prolif debate, and possibly tips on how to research specific scenarios.

    Your thoughts on affs using the supreme court as an actor. At camp, I felt like there was some controversy over how topical the courts are because their rulings are arguably not a direct reduction

  4. Debater

    In future podcasts I would also like to here a little bit more about the issue of T-presence this year, as I believe it will be a big issue for the Aff. I would love to here some deas, comments and suggestions of some good arguments you suggest.

  5. Maximilian Tiger

    I would like a little more contrast between the text on the side of the page and the white/greyish background.

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