NDCA Unveils 2010-2011 Wiki

The National Debate Coaches Association has announced an upgrade to the 2010-2011 National Argument List, colloquially known as “the wiki”. The wiki is now hosted by wikispaces, the same software that is used for the college caselist. Please take a minute to register for the new wiki before the season gets underway. If you have questions about the transition to the new software, please check out the transition page; if that doesn’t answer your question(s), post ‘em here and someone will help you.

9 thoughts on “NDCA Unveils 2010-2011 Wiki

  1. Gumbaya

    …how is this an upgrade? I've always preferred the wikimedia software. The table of contents creation on wikispaces is lack luster to say the least…

  2. Bill Batterman Post author

    Try teaching the entire debate community how to use wikimedia for two years and then ask why this is an upgrade. 🙂

    The table of contents works fine as long as the document is structured correctly, but that applies to both wikispaces and wikimedia — for our purposes, it certainly is sufficient.

  3. Robert

    i want the old one back — a lot easier to make indexes, looks a lot better, and easier to go about posting cites

  4. Bill Batterman Post author

    If you want to use Wikitext, just turn off the visual editor — either by clicking the drop-down box next to "save" when you're editing a page or universally by going to "My Account", "Settings", and changing "Use Visual Editor" to "No".

    The markup syntax is very similar to wikimedia (last year's software) and I linked the guide in the sidebar. If you're a "power user", you can use that method of editing and you'll be able to do exactly the same things you did last year. If you're a "novice user", you can use the visual editor — the net-benefit is that novice users can now use the wiki, something many/most couldn't figure out last year(s).

  5. MalthusTX

    Hello all,

    I thought I couldn't go to GRAPEVINE but then I found a partner!

    Now my coach says I can choose speaker positions (Cant' be double 2s all the time LOL). Which speaker position is better ?? Wanted to poll people at the top of the nat. cir. THANKS

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