List of Camp Disadvantages

Inspired by the list of camp affirmatives that was compiled by Christina Tallungan, Alex Agne of Detroit Country Day School has compiled a list of the disadvantages that were produced at this summer’s institutes. The complete list (in alphabetical order) is below the fold.

Afghan Resources (SDI)
Appeasement (Capitol, DDW, KU, Samford)
Allied Prolif (DDW, Emory, KU, SDI)
China Agression (Emory, Gzaga, KU, NU, SDI, UMich, UNT)
CMR (Berkley, Capitol, DDI, DDW, Kentucky, SDI, UMich)
Coercive Diplomacy (UMich)
Deterrence (Berkley, NU, Samford, SDI, UMich, UNT)
Diplomatic Focus (Berkley, UMich)
Gates (DDI, Emory)
Heg/Resolve (Berkley, Capitol, DDW, GTown, Samford)
Iran Agression (Emory, UNT)
Iran Prolif (Capitol)
Iraq Politics (DDI)
Israel (DDI, DDW, UNT)
Israel Politics (Gzaga)
Japan Air Power (UNT)
Japan Econ (Gzaga)
Japan F22’s (DDI)
Japan JASA Bad (Gzaga)
Japan Politics (DDI, GTown, UMich)
Japan Rearm (Berkley, DDI, DDW, GTown, UNT, Whitman)
Karzai Cred (Capitol, Gzaga)
Kuwait Camp Arifjan (Gzaga)
Kuwait Econ (Gzaga)
Middle East Stability (Whitman)
Oil (UMich)
Pipeline DA (Capitol)
PMC (Berkley)
Readiness (UNT, Whitman)
Relations (Berkley, NU)
Redeployment (DDI, Samford, SDI)
Reverse Spending:
Airborne Laser (DDI, GTown)
F22’s (GTown)
Future Combat Systems (DDW, SDI)
General (Samford)
Space (Gzaga)
Russia Expansion (Gzaga)
SK Politics (DDI)
SK Prolif (UNT)
SK Rearm (DDI, DDW, UNT)
SK Withdraw (NU)
Soft Power (DDI)
Turkey Coup (DDW)
Turkey Politics (DDI)
Turkey Rearm (?)
US-Israel Relations (UMich, Whitman)
US-SK Relations (UNT)
US-Turkey Relations (Gzaga, UMich)

Energy/Climate (DDI, DDW, GTown, KU, NU, SDI, UMich, Whitman)
Financial Reform (Berkley, GTown)
Immigration (KU, Whitman)
Jobs Bill (DDW)
START (Berkley, Capitol, KU, NU, SDI, UMich, UNT)

Dems Good:
Climate Bill (DDW, Emory, KU, Samford, SDI, UMich)
Corporate Oversight (KU)
Crisis Response (Emory)
DADT (Emory, UMich)
Econ (UMich)
EFCA/Card Check (NU)
Free Trade (Emory)
Health Care Reform (Emory, KU, NU, SDI)
Heg (SDI)
Immigration Reform (DDW, Emory, NU, Samford, UMich, UNT)
Impeachment (KU)
Iran Strikes (SDI)
Soft Power (KU)
GOP Good:
Bipart (Emory)
Climate (SDI, UMich)
EFCA/Card Check (SDI)
Deficits (Emory, KU, SDI)
Economy Generic (DDW, Emory, UMich)
Free Trade (Emory)
Interventionism (Emory)
Judicial Review (Emory, SDI)
Wars (SDI)
Health Care Repeal (SDI)
Heg (Emory)
Nuclear Policy (Emory, KU)
Peace Process Bad (Emory)
SKFTA (DDW, Emory)
Taxes (Emory)

6 thoughts on “List of Camp Disadvantages

  1. Anon

    Kan DA
    Kuwait Camp Arfijan DA
    South Korea Economy DA
    Sunni Alliance DA
    Turkey Economy DA
    [all from GDI]

  2. max

    UTNIF put out a bunch of DAs senkaku island, a PGS shift, and Africa base shift, and russia agression, russis relations, israel strike, PMCs, dems good midterms with a debt cealing !, Movements, japan relations, Heg, and a anti-prolif soft power bad

  3. Anonymous

    If only UTNIF had the decency to put their files on the open evidence project like everyone else…

  4. Alex Agne

    Just to clarify these DA's are all that have been put out from all the evidence that the OpenEv project has. UTNIF and GDI might have more DA's, but I do not have access to them.

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