6 thoughts on “New Whitman Template 3.0

  1. Interested User

    Does this template work for macs? are there any differences that i should know about?

    I've never used a whitman template before, i just have one that one of our coaches made.

  2. interested user

    Has anyone contemplated being paperless if you have a Mac. In other words, is there another word proccessing software that works on Macs that could allow you to have the same utility as a pc paperless team?

  3. Robert

    @interested user
    My partner has a mac and has experienced similar paperless problems. She chose to just install parallels (similar to boot camp) where you can run your mac on a windows OS — this allows you to use the features of synergy/whitman templates because your computer has the OS needed. Parallels also allows you to sync files from your mac hardrive to the windows OS while operating.
    For a mac alone, the options are pretty slim — no true full screen reading and other advantages of a PC.

  4. Thomas Hodgman

    @interested user
    We used word 2008, macs, and applescripts for the entirety of last year to debate paperless. While there is no template equivalent of synergy/whitman right now, the applescripts can simulate a lot of the same functions (at least those integral to paperless debate). Whitman has them hosted on their website.

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