3 thoughts on “Open Evidence Project at the NDCA web page

  1. Debate 4 Education

    Where are the files from Michigan State/SDI? And Gonzaga Debate Institute/GDI (I think about a 1/3 are missing)?
    And from other institutes who have files missing????

    Anyone interested in leveling the playing field for all students and improving education & debates. These other institutes have shown good faith toward the community, it would be nice if a handful of debaters would step up. Anyone want to volunteer to do so–to step up and help…. (Ultimately this will improve debates and save tons of time) We can do better as a debate community. Be the change….you have the opportunity.

  2. Interested User

    Does Batterman have plans on updating the list of camp lectures that are freely available ?

    (i would have posted this on that post, however it's comments were closed 🙁 )

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