Updated Journal List and Google Reader Bundle

The Crowdsourced List of Critical IR and Critical Security Studies Journals has been updated to include links to most of the publications that have been recommended. I have also created a Google Reader Bundle that includes all of the listed journals as well as several others that I think will be helpful when researching the 2010-2011 military/police presence topic. You’ll still need to access the journals/articles through a subscribing institution, but this way you’ll be notified whenever a new issue is posted. If anyone has suggestions for adding new journals to the bundle, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Updated Journal List and Google Reader Bundle

  1. Rob

    Batterman, will you ever stop being awesome? (insert some offhanded joke about Roy here)
    *Reminder- you can always subscribe to custom google news feeds in google reader. Great for politics updates, or other DA uniqueness.

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