Anyone at a University Lib have access to this?

(update- found by bricker)

This looks like a pretty bad ass dissertation, and theoretically some schools should have access to it through their proquest dissertation subscription. If anyone at a university for the summer for camp can find it I would appreciate it.

or this

(found by bricker)

The heterarchical society: Explaining and understanding post-Cold War international relations
by Singh, Deepak, Ph.D., University of Miami, 1996 , 299 pages; AAT 9716714
Critical realism: An ethical approach to global politics
by Lee, Ming-Whey Christine, Ph.D., Duke University, 2009, 280 pages; AAT 3386694

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  1. Indian Debater

    The Lee dissertation is in the midst of being reworked and will be released soon with a different title: "The Lost Radicalism of Political Realism."

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