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  1. Scott Phillips

    UN Dispatch 9-11-07 http://www.undispatch.com/archives/2007/10/the_un
    The problem is, he looks to Doug Bandow for enlightenment. Bandow, you may recall, was the syndicated columnist who resigned from CATO last year after it was revealed he was secretly on the take from Jack Abramoff, who paid Bandow $2,000 per column to shill on behalf of his clients. Bandow was picked up by an outfit called the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which apparently does not mind if one its "experts" used to accept cash to promote the clients of a now convicted felon.

  2. Whit

    27.5…If I wanted to hear a comparison of American foreign policy to fish stories, I'd read Spanos.

  3. Rick

    Can you give a 2NC to a different 2AC? A lot(nearly all right of center) of teams read realism inev, security possible, and make permutations. Those seem to be far more common 2AC arguments than framework and reps bad.

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