Freely Available Lectures From This Year's Summer Institutes

Several summer institutes are making some or all of their lectures available freely to everyone via their websites or wikis. These videos provide all students—even those not attending a camp—with an incredible resource to help them prepare for this year’s topic. Below the fold, I have aggregated links to all of the lectures that have been made available (to the best of my knowledge). If I missed something, please post a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

This list was last updated on July 28, 2010.

Lectures About The Topic:

Topic Intro—Eric Forslund and Mike Shackelford (CNDI)
Topic Intro—David Heidt (ENDI)
Topic Intro—Will Repko (SDI)
Intro to Japan, Iraq, and South Korea—Kade Olsen & Caroline Harkins (DDI)

Afghanistan—Brittany Cambre (ENDI)
Afghanistan—Seth Gannon and John Warden (Georgetown)
Afghanistan—John Hines (Texas)

Iraq—Ed Lee (ENDI)
Iraq—Kirk Evans (Texas)
Iraq/Kuwait—Michael Antonucci (Georgetown)

Japan—Mikaela Malsin (ENDI)
Japan—Bill Batterman (Georgetown)
Japan—Nick Fiori (Texas)
Japanese Politics Seminar—Kathy Bowen (CNDI)

Kuwait—Ana Nikolic (ENDI)
Kuwait—Daniel Sharp (Texas)

South Korea—Casey Harrigan (ENDI)
South Korea—Nate Cohn (Georgetown)
South Korea—Jane Munksgaard (Texas)

Turkey—Hays Watson (ENDI)
Turkey—Kevin Kallmyer (Georgetown)
Turkey—Ricky Garner (Texas)

Negative Ground On The Topic—Aimi Hamraie (ENDI)

Intro To HegemonyProfessor Stephen Brooks (DDI)
Proliferation and Deterrence—Greta Stahl (SDI)

Lectures About Skills/Preparation:

What Is Debate?—Ken Strange (DDW)

Research Lecture—Andres Gannon and Jacob Polin (CNDI)
Research Tips and Tricks—Dylan Keenan (ENDI)
How To Research—Ed Lee (ENDI)
Cutting Cards Electronically—Alex Gulakov (DDI)

How To Be Top Speaker—Maggie Berthiaume (Georgetown)

Cross-Ex Skills—Melissa Wade (ENDI)

Debating The Aff—James Herndon (ENDI)
2A Terrorism—Kevin Kallmyer (Georgetown)

Negative Strategy—Seth Gannon and John Warden (Georgetown)
The Neg Block—James Herndon (ENDI)
Extending A Disad—James Herndon (ENDI)
Giving The 2N Seminar—Geoff Lundeen (CNDI)

The Final Rebuttals—Seth Gannon (Georgetown)

Impact Assessment—Exploding Traditional Methods—Bill Batterman (Georgetown)
Evidence Comparison—Bill Batterman (Georgetown)

Improving at Debate: The Value of Watching Others—James Herndon (ENDI)

Ethos in Debate—Seth Gannon (Georgetown)

Debating For A Small School—Kevin Kallmyer (Georgetown)

Newcomb’s Paradox—Seth Gannon (Georgetown)

Lectures About Argument Genres:

Kritiks and Kritik Answers—Mike Shackelford and Andres Gannon (CNDI)
How To Answer Critiques Without Knowing What They’re Saying—Nate Cohn (Georgetown)
Critiquing Disads—John Turner (Georgetown)

Debating Topicality—Megan Swenson (ENDI)
Debating Topicality—Seth Gannon (Georgetown)
Debating Topicality—Ben Thorpe (ENDI)
Topicality—Michael Antonucci (Georgetown)

An Introduction To Theory Debating—Bill Batterman (Georgetown)

Introduction To Counterplan Theory—Maggie Berthiaume (Georgetown)

Debating The Case—Nate Cohn (Georgetown)

Impact Turning—Eric Forslund (SDI)

Debating The Politics Disad—Maggie Berthiaume (Georgetown)
Politics Disadvantages—Brett Bricker (SDI)

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