Tech Tips from Akshay Bhushan

Here is a list of some awesome tech tips from Akshay Bhushan. The windows 7 shortcut one is especially awesome.

With most teams going paperless next year, I thought this would be useful to them.

I found a lot of debate related downloads/add-ons that could potentially be useful. Greenhill kids are now using some of these

This one is useful because it allows teams who collaborate over google groups/send out files via email to have their dropboxes automatically updated. Just useful in general.

Macros for your computer-I have ALT + Shift + 1 to open my debate notes document ALT Shift 2 to open a firefox window to google scholar ALT shift 3 to open new tab to Lexis-you can also create macros which Automatically copies text you select and pastes it formatted correctly into your template.

This one seems obvious why its useful

Teams going paperless will have 5-6 viewing laptops, and getting all your files and a 300 dollar netbook stolen or left behind is not fun. Teams can steal your sweet Heidegger file. This at least ensures that no one can get your files, and can actually use internet connection to find out where your laptop is.

I’m surprised that most debaters I’ve seen don’t utilize this-it’s an easier way to bookmark and SAVES pages for offline viewing. Before tournaments and if I don’t have time to complete some research assignments, I save every possible card and then can cut it in between rounds, even when there isn’t internet

Most teams going paperless will be putting different flash drives on their computer every year. If they run Vista (unfortunate for them), the Disk will “AutoRun” and will bring up a screen asking you what you want to do with this USB. This autorun function also allows viruses to spread-most trojans and spyware will jump onto flashdrives and spread via this AutoRun function. You don’t even have to open the file folder of the USB  to get a Virus. This prevents that from happening.

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