Crowdsourcing the Best Critical IR and Critical Security Studies Journals

On the heels of yesterday’s introduction to critiques, many students are probably delving into critical international relations and critical security studies literature for the first time. In an effort to improve the quality of the critique research that occurs in preparation for next season’s debates, I would like to compile a crowdsourced list of the best critical IR journals. Below the fold you will find my initial contributions; please post additional journals that I have omitted but which you believe to be high-quality sources of debate evidence in the comments.

The list was last updated on July 12, 2010.

If participation is strong, I will maintain an updated list of recommendations in this post. Readers are also encouraged to contribute brief summaries of each journal: what is their focus?, how often are they published?, are they freely available anywhere online?, etc.

Good luck with your critique research!

9 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing the Best Critical IR and Critical Security Studies Journals

  1. John Turner

    -Review of International Studies
    -International Studies Review
    -European Journal of International Relations
    -International Relations
    -International Organization (More mainstream — good place for work by liberals and constructivists)
    -International Affairs (Also more mainstream)
    -Third World Quarterly
    -Review of International Political Economy
    -International Studies Association Conference Papers (usually accessible only through a university)
    -Constellations (This is not as IR specific — but frequently will have relevant material on political theory issues like sovereignty and democracy that are related)
    -Journal of International Relations and Development
    -Political Geography
    -Contemporary Security Policy

  2. Scott Phillips Post author

    some additions
    -security studies
    -international studies quarterly
    -alternatives- the turkish journal of international affairs
    -Journal of Peace research
    -Journal of Conflict Studies

    Answers to the K
    -sais review

  3. Lane Bearden

    Also appreciate the starting guide. I worry that so many journals are now pay-per-view that they are pricing students out of access. E.g., online version of Journal of Strategic Studies, $808 for one year (6 issues).

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