6 thoughts on “Security File

  1. Alex

    What books/reading materials would you suggest be read to actually know about this K, rather than just running it?

  2. Scott Phillips

    I would start by tracking down a few of the cites from the file (Grondin, wyn jones, Byles etc). There was also a reading list posted on here in april I believe where someone linked a bunch of books that would be useful.

  3. Reuben

    The book "Critique of Security" by Mark Neocleous is pretty good. Its used for an alt card from the last two pages of the book in the posted file.

  4. Anon

    Do you have the file in a different format? I have a mac and am having trouble downloading the file. Thanks

  5. Scott Phillips

    Updated to include old word format.

    Those of you who have old word though- there is an update you can install for free to read the new docx format, which takes up considerably less space

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