More on Worst Case and Realism

With a lot of people posting they have some time now that school is winding down and camp hasn’t started I thought I would most some more links for articles to read. If you have any suggestion post them in the comments. Some more relevant articles:

This is a classic I started reading on the K back in the 90’s

A few people emailed me about the realism discussion and I recommended The Power of Power Politics. You can get the first 20 or so pages here.

This is another good read about the predictive power of different theories.

Here is a good article on the “no alt” style argument Calum wrote about, that (imo) is a bit better than the Mearshimer 95 cards people read most often.

A good discussion of the “history” arguments about realism.

This chapter is really imp re: many k’s of “power politics”, a common thread of most anti realist arguments.

This blog post about risk of catastrophe is pretty good, the Times article and study it cites are also good follow ups.

Some links emailed to me on various scenario planning articles.  Another – but you need to sign up to have access.

Pretty good article on terrorism specifically.  Money quote “Imagine your most unthinkable nightmare of the next terrorist attack. Now try to imagine
something even worse”

Slightly humorous given the company name.

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