Last Word Update and Logo Contest

The deadline for submission for the Last Word is a little more than a week away- June 1st.  Updates below

After playing around with MS paint it has become obvious that I will definitely need someone else to design a logo for the journal. Designs can be anything but ones using explosions and or fire/lightning bolts probably have a better chance of getting picked.

Something maybe like this

Or maybe this

Or you could photoshop battermans head onto this picture

Or I may just use this picture from Roy’s black belt test

All designs must at least be as awesome as these wolf tshirts to be considered.

Also, if you have an idea for a witty subtitle to the journal to go after “the last word”, feel free to submit those as well. Ones people have already suggested that I will not be using include

-The last word- or what i got with your mother last night

-The last word- as spoken by wake CH in the semis of the NDT

-The last word- this time its personal

There will also be some sort of prize for the winner of the logo contest, and maybe of the subtitle contest if the subtitle is awesome enough. Feel free to post suggested awards in the comments, but right now I am probably going with this. Also, for the record, none of these stupid trophy websites have cool debate trophies. They have dance trophies, piano trophies, pinewood derby trophies, no debate ones other than kid at podium. Is there an activity in the world that gives out more trophies then debate?

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  1. Duner

    Do the logos need to be similar to a title page for the journal (8.5×11) or should they be a different size?

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