5 thoughts on “Good time to get out of South Korea?

  1. vinay pai

    well if a war is about to start, the US will have to use its forward deployed troops…we'll probably send more troops to contain the fighting

  2. Brian Manuel

    I think its probably more of a justification for more troops not less. If they got us to take troops out, it would embolden them to continue to forward advance and make threats to South Korea and others. As long as China remains a steady ally to them, US presence is a must.

    Its similar to the 6 party talks, there hard line rhetoric during those talks only causes us to allow for more and more compromise and soft line action. This allowed further continuation of their nuclear programs etc.

    Gotta go hard line on them. Gotta send more troops.

  3. Scott Phillips

    " embolden them to continue to forward advance and make threats to South Korea and others… Gotta go hard line on them. Gotta send more troops."

    "Obviously withdrawal is not an option"

    Yea the last 50 years we have had troops there has worked out great. Better send more troops and keep them there for 100 years.

    The North retains an advantage in the
    military sphere, but that advantage may be
    more apparent than real. The DPRK military
    is large but decrepit. Its latest weapons date
    to 1990; spare parts and training are nonexistent.
    Pyongyang’s dramatic attempt to put a
    satellite into orbit in 1998 failed. Reports
    Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Bruce
    Bechtol: “The North Korean military is one
    that is using antiquated 1950s and 1960s vintage
    weapons while the South Korean military
    continues to strengthen itself with
    dynamic new programs such as the building
    of brand new F-16s. In addition, the South is
    superior in other key aspects of military
    readiness, such as command and control and
    Although South Korea’s ground forces are
    smaller, they would be fighting on the defensive
    with superior air and naval support.
    Indeed, in the initial stage of any war, South
    Korea would have to rely primarily on its own
    military for ground forces, irrespective of
    America’s defense commitment. It would
    take the United States three or more weeks to
    deploy heavy armored and mechanized reinforcements,
    depending on events elsewhere
    and available lift capabilities.10

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