The Last Word- A New Debate Journal

A lot of people have expressed interest in writing something for the 3nr from time to time. For anyone interested in publishing something about debate I am starting a new debate journal entitled “The Last Word”. The idea behind this will be to publish articles that deal with current argument and theory innovations/trends in policy debate- for the first edition focusing on the upcoming high school topic. Rough submission guidelines are below, if you would like to contribute something email Please post any questions in this thread so if people have similar questions they will be able to see the answer.

Update- The Last Word will also accept articles about LD or Public Forum. Since I know nothing about either of these if you would like to be an editor for LD or Public Forum please email me.

Below is a list of topic ideas, some can obviously be written about in greater depth than others. Since the journal will be published online and printing isn’t a factor articles can be as long as you want, but generally articles should be at least 2,000 words. This will be a quasi peer reviewed journal- myself and others to be named later will review articles to make sure the following criteria are met.

-use grammar and spell things- this isn’t a blog post

-academic tone and format- articles should utilize a professional vocabulary and cite relevant related academic work (in MLA). The idea behind these articles is for students to learn, and as such articles should be able to be incorporated into the curriculum of a debate class.

-address both sides of the issue and present complete arguments

I will be writing an article about the theoretical legitimacy of counterplans that can or do result in the entire 1AC plan text being enacted. Other topics that spring to mind as being relevant include: hegemony/grand strategy, insurgency, realism, orientalism, international fiat, words in the topic like presence etc. Articles need not be directly about the high school topic, but that will be the focus.

The first journal will be published on June 21st. Articles must be submitted by June 1st for review.

8 thoughts on “The Last Word- A New Debate Journal

  1. A Suggestion

    Wouldn't CPA be better for internal documentation. MLA in-body citation (ie. parenthetical citation) tends to break the flow of an article of piece. CPA or some other humanities-based citation which uses footnotes is probably better suited for a journal.

  2. Scott Phillips

    I agree. I picked MLA however because many people I spoke to about contributing are not "professional academics" , whereas basically everyone knows MLA from 9th grade English.

    Also the flows in these articles will be so sick that they will be indisruptable. Only articles that spit hot fire will be accepted.

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  4. Josh Gonzalez

    Scott – shoot me an e-mail, I've been in the nascent stages of planning something similar and would love to share some ideas.

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