Full Elimination Round Results From The Tournament of Champions


Kinkaid KB (aff) defeated Glenbrook North SS (2-1) Burton, D. Heidt, *Polin
Rowland Hall AF (neg) defeated Woodward PP (2-1) Berthiaume, *Forslund, Peterson
Westminster TA (neg) defeated Chattahoochee CR (2-1) Greenstein, *Klinger, Tate
St. Mark’s MB (neg) defeated Glenbrook North MP (3-) Buntin, Lamballe, Rubaie
Carrollton DG (neg) defeated New Trier SC (3-0) Cambre, Kearney, Struth
St. Paul Central QJ (neg) defeated Lexington VE (2-1) *Crowe, DeLong, J. Heidt
McDonogh RB (neg) defeated Whitney Young HG (2-1) Antonucci, Warden, *Wunderlich
Bronx ME (neg) defeated Glenbrook South TD (3-0) Hardy, Quinn, Vint


Kinkaid KB (neg) defeated Rowland Hall AF (2-1) D. Heidt, *Struth, Turner
Carrollton DG (neg) defeated McDonogh RB (2-1) *Greenstein, Herndon, Marks
St. Mark’s MB (neg) defeated St. Paul Central (3-0) Berthiaume, Crowe, J. Heidt
Westminster TA (aff) defeated Bronx ME (2-1) Bowen, *Cholera, Wunderlich


St. Mark’s MB (neg) defeated Carrollton DG (2-1) *D. Heidt, J. Heidt, Mulholland
Westminster TA (aff) defeated Kinkaid KB (3-0) Cholera, Herndon, Maczulski


Westminster TA (aff) defeated St. Mark’s MB (2-1) *Bricker, Greenstein, Herndon

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    Whatever happened to the TOC spirit of disclosure award — was a winner ever announced?

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